Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grolsch Premium Lager

Grolsch Premium Lager (5%): a pale lager from the Netherlands. Not sure why I bought that, anyways here's the review.

  • No smell
  • Basic lager taste, kinda grainy.
  • No aftertaste...
  • Okay buzz
  • Elegant green bottle? Sorry that's all I've got.

Verdict: inoffensive lager. It didn't kill me ... but I wouldn't repeat either.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Les 3 Brasseurs IPA

Les 3 Brasseurs IPA (6%): an IPA from Canada. Tried this at the 3 Brasseurs microbrewery location near Peel Station in downtown Montreal.

  • Smells like peach, apricot.
  • Fairly bitter taste, slightly citrus-like.
  • After-taste offers notes of peach, citrus, apricot (you know: all of the above).
  • Smooth buzz.
  • Had this on tap, no bottle obviously.

Verdict: pretty solid brew, recommended.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fuller's London Porter

Fuller's London Porter (5.4%): a porter from the UK. This is a well-known porter ale from England. The label says "Rich, Dark & Complex", man I hope this shameless arrogance is justified.

  • Pours a dark amber liquid.
  • No smell .... 
  • Taste is quite chocolaty. Dope!
  • Aftertaste reminds me of coffee and ... chocolate.
  • Good buzz
  • Very elegant dark bottle. 

Unlike many beer snobs out there I wouldn't call this one a classic. BUT it's definitely solid and worth a try.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coors Light Iced Tea Beermat

A Coors Light Iced Tea Beermat for the French Canadian market I got from a bar in Brossard,Quebec.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Red Stripe

Red Stripe (4.7%): an adjunct lager from Jamaica. A well-known brew because 1/ It's from Jamaica, you know that exoticness 2/ Bottle has a cool roundish design.

  • Pours a very pale gold liquid.
  • Smells fairly sweet. That's all I got.
  • Taste is bready.
  • Aftertaste is very mineral-like, fairly acid. 
  • Smooth buzz.
  • Really cool bottle, very original unbeer design.

Verdict: A solid little lager.

Grade: B

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


L’Insoumise (5.2%): a pale ale from Canada. This is an English-style pale ale from the venerable Quebec brewery Archibald.

  • Pours a light amber liquid.
  • Smells bitter, nutty.
  • Very nice "English" bitterness with notes of raspberry and nuts.
  • Sweet aftertaste, quite honey-like.
  • Smooth buzz.
  • Modern yet classy can. You gotta love this stylized lady ^^.

Verdict: great ale. Highly recommended. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Quatre-Centième (7.5%): a strong pale ale from Canada. This is a strong ale from the venerable Quebec brewery Unibroue (by now you should know I'm a big fan of theirs).

  • Pours a troubled light golden liquid.
  • Great citrus aroma with a touch of sugary grape.
  • Flavor is lemon-like with a subtle touch of spice.
  • After taste is fairly acid, citrus-like with notes of apricots.
  • Good buzz.
  • Bottle/label is a bit tame by Unibroue standards. 

Verdict: a great ale, highly recommended. 


Monday, February 6, 2012


Labatt Blue Dry 8.1 (8.1%): a malt liquor from Canada. For some reason I was pretty sure I had reviewed this already (see the review for the 6.1 % variant here). Anyways I was in the mood for a 40, .... yes I'm a gangsta.

  • Pours a fairly light golden liquid. Carbonation is pretty high.
  • Has a slight cereal aroma. 
  • Definitely has that Canadian "metal taste".
  • Sweat corn-like aftertaste (not disgusting I must say).
  • Mega buzz , but hey it's quite normal with such a high ABV.
  • I don't know about that bottle design/label. Looks okay I guess.

Verdict: better than the 6.1% variant. Decent for that particular style. 

Grade: B-