Friday, April 30, 2010


Samuel Adams Boston Lager (4.75%): This is a Vienna lager from the US. Ah Sam Adams, so many memories. I used to buy this all the time when I was living in Boston. So what makes it so special?

  • Rich aroma/flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate
  • Its pleasant amber-like appearance
  • High drinkability


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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear Readers,

I don't mean to be preachy but I guess a word of caution can't hurt.
Beer and other alcoholic beverages have been drunk for ages by people from all around the world. That's great , and it should rightfully continue. However alcohol abuse is a serious problem and should not be ignored. It can lead to serious accidents and/or grave diseases such as cancer. Therefore please drink in moderation.

Final notes:

  • Don't drink and drive
  • Try not to exceed 1-2 units of alcoholic beverages per day
  • Quality is better than quantity

Thanks !


Dear Readers,

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Carrefour Prestige (5.5%): This is a pale lager from Germany. It's brewed by Karlsberg Brauerei, a brewery based in Homburg, Germany for the international hypermarket chain Carrefour.

Final Notes:
  • Delicious bitter sweet flavor
  • Highly drinkable
  • It was cheap (80 Euro cents for a 24 oz can)
  • Gave me a good buzz !

Props to Carrefour for selecting the right partners.

Grade: A


Molson Dry 8.5 (8.5%): This is a malt liquor from Canada. It's a malt liquor version of the popular Molson Dry previously reviewed.

  • This one will give you a strong buzz.
  • The taste is similar to the regular version (metallic aroma, strong after taste and in this case a slight hint of licorice). 
  • I say it's perfect if you want to socialize (or is it? lol).

Grade: C+

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Carrefour Premium Lager (4.7%): This a pale lager from France. Carrefour is a huge international hypermarket chain from France, so obviously I get to go there from time to time. I was looking at a few Belgian beers, then I hit the "cheap" section. I saw this 24 oz can selling for 45 euro cents and decided to try it. This is a generic product made for the chain, therefore I was expecting the worst. Verdict? It was good!

  • The flavor was fairly bitter with a hint of iron (think Scandinavian beer-water). 
  • The aftertaste was the opposite : quite sweet (but not too much).
  • Despite the low alcohol content, it gave me a good buzz (without a headache). 
  • A pleasant surprise, which proves beer marketing can be deceiving.

Grade: A-


Bud Light Lime(4.2%): Bud Light Lime is a light lager (okay that was obvious lol).This is Budweiser's attempt to copy the Corona brand and grab some of its huge market share in the US.

  • Surprisingly, it's pretty good (the lime is already in there, how convenient), 
  • Refreshing, fruity and very drinkable ...what more can you ask for?

Grade: B+

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Sierra Nevada Summerfest 2010 (5%): This is a pilsner-style lager from the US. Each years batch varies just a slight bit but always seems to have that unique crisp hoppy finish. A tad light for my taste, but thats mainly because my pallet has switched a bit to favor the more hops-heavy IPA styled lagers these days. Still, for a light summer beer - Summerfest really cant be beat. Its on the verge of being a high enough percentile to get you a little tipsy as well which is a bonus.

Final notes:
  • Extremely drinkable...almost too easy.
  • Light, but still has a nice bitter hoppy bite to it.
  • In the Nothern Cali areas closer to Sacramento, this beer only goes for around $6.50 at your local market!

Grade: A-

Monday, April 26, 2010


Budweiser (5%): This is a pale adjunct (rice) lager from the US. This is your father's beer, therefore it has bad reputation.

  • It's really not that bad, it has a sweet malty no nonsense flavor and high drinkability. 
  • The aftertaste could be a bit better tho.

Grade: B-

If you haven't seen this, I think it's safe to say you've been living under a rock WASSSSSSUUUUUUP?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Coors Light (4.2%): This is a light lager from the US.

  • It's really light (some say it tastes like water, and I kind of share this opinion). 
  • A favorite amongst women, no one can't deny it's refreshing and very drinkable (ideal for those hot summer days).

Grade: C+

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Boréale Blonde (4.5%): This is an ale from Canada (Quebec). This one was quite bitter, lacking a complex aroma/flavor. Not worth it.

Grade: D+

Check out this commercial (notice the strong Quebecois accent).

Also check out this fan page (in French only) :!/pages/la-biere-Boreale/10158164542


Labatt Blue Dry 6.1 (6.1%): This is a malt liquor from Canada. Also called Labatt Bleue Dry in Quebec.

  • Fairly smooth taste with a hint of caramel (and unfortunately a hint of metal as well). 
  • It's a bit better than the Molson Dry malt liquor variants.

Grade: C

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Olde English 800 (5.9%): this is a malt liquor from the US. This one's a legend! It has been praised by so many rappers, the list would take me a few hours to compile. So why it's been so popular ?

  • It has a sweet, smooth taste with a hint of caramel that's just irresistible. 
  • The alcohol content varies from one location to another (to comply with local liquor laws), but generally it's 5.9 % on the east coast, 7.5% on the west coast and 8.0% in Canada. I'll be honest: I only tried the 5.9% variant.

I highly recommend it.

Grade: A

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Molson Dry (5.5%): This is an adjunct lager from Canada. This has a slight metallic taste; the after taste is very strong (think bum beer). If you're in Canada, you can def try this once, but all in all it's just very average.

Grade: C-

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mort Subite Kriek

Mort Subite Kriek (4.5%): this a lambic beer from Belgium. More specifically this a kriek beer (cherry flavored). This has a nice initial sweet taste, however the after taste is nasty, probably worse than your typical bum beer. And btw, this will give you a bad bad headache. Again avoid at all cost.

Grade: F


Tsingtao (4.8%): this a lager from China. It's no nonsense beer with a slight sweet nutty taste. Decent.

Grade: B-

This is a cool video about the brewery:


Kirin Ichiban(5%): this a rice lager from Japan. HOLLY SH%T ! This tastes like Steel Reserve malt liquor mixed with gasoline, and it's just 5%, imagine if the alcohol content was higher ...nyways this one gave me a severe headache, avoid at all cost.

Grade: F

Kirin is known for its commercials featuring foreign celebrities, here's one with Harrison Ford:


Singha (5%): this a pale lager from Thailand. The aroma is not very distinct, boring, that's all I have to say.

Grade: C


Heineken (5%): This is a lager from the Netherlands. Probably the most overrated beer ever? Kinda bitter with no distinct aroma, gives me a slight headache 90% of the time.

Grade: D+

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Abbaye de Zevenkerken

Abbaye de Zevenkerken (6.2%): this is an abbey beer from Belgium. Pleasant surprise here, this was from a cheap 2,30 EUR pack made under license for a private label.

  • Very nice sweet, floral aroma.
  • Flavor is fairly acid and wheaty.
  • Aftertaste is citrus-like. 
  • Gave me a good buzz.

I need another one!

Grade: A


Spendrups (5%): This is a lager from Sweden. How shall I start ? If you're not used to drinking Swedish water, this might taste weird (like iron basically!). Nyways, the beer is light, drinkable and quite refreshing. Solid (if you can acquire the taste for iron that is).

Grade: B

Yup, they have (weird) beer commercials in Sweden:

EKU 28

EKU 28 (11%): This is a strong lager from Germany. I bought this by mistake (wanted the EKU pils). Well, I don't care what beeradvocate says, this tastes like some nasty detergent , I took couple of sips and I was done.

Grade: F


Super Bock (5.6%): this is a lager from Portugal.

  • Has that typical Spanish/Mexican flavor (obviously !).
  •  Smooth flavor with hints of citrus.
  •  High drinkability.

A good choice in that category.

Grade: A-

Also check this TV Commercial:

And this fan page on Facebook:!/pages/Super-Bock/10203072881

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell (4.4%): This is a Pilsner beer from Czech Republic. While I'm not a big fan of that style, I must admit this brand's pretty nice. Bitter but smooth taste with a hint of caramel. p.s: not affiliated with Steve Urkel.

Grade : B+

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Mythique St Landelin

Mythique St Landelin (7.5%): This a keeping style beer (ale) from Northern France, marketed as premium.

  • The taste is somewhat reminiscent of white beer (with much more alcohol lol) : sweet and fruity. 
  • Good drinkability.

Grade: A

St Paul de Wisques Abbey Beer

St Paul de Wisques Abbey Beer (6.2%): This is an Abbey beer from Northern France.

  • Has a strong licorice aroma/flavor but is very drinkable.
  • Will give you a fairly good buzz.

Grade: B


Sagres (5%): This is a lager from Portugal.

  • It definitively has that Spanish/Mexican flavor, think Corona, Modelo, San Miguel, etc .... 
  • It's light, refreshing with a pleasant citrus aroma.

Highly recommended.

Grade A-

The Trophy of beer?


Bavaria 8.6 (7.9%): Strong Lager from the Netherlands. This has clearly a bad reputation, I love it tho! When I was in high school, some fellow classmates used to say "shit,after I graduate and become a bum, I'll be so depressed I'll need to drink the 8.6 everyday". Okay, it might be a favorite among the homeless , this doesn't make it a bad beer. Au contraire my friend, with a sweet plummy taste and a hint of licorice , it never disappoints. A true Strong lagger classic that will beat any American Malt liquor (I love OE tho lol).

Grade: A


Britt (6.1%): a strong ale beer from Brittany, Western France.

  • Pours a light golden liquid.
  • Tastes like gasoline....yup I said it.
  • Cool bottle with the funny bird.

Stay away from this!

Grade : F


Kwak (8.4%): Strong amber beer from Belgium, mostly know for its funky glasses.

  • Pours a fairly dark liquid .
  • Smells bitter.
  • Overall taste is very average, with no distinct aroma, think "metal".
  • Quick buzz.

I'm not too impressed.

Grade: C-

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Budweiser Budvar (5%) : Lager from Czech Republic. The original Bud.

  • Pours a medium golden liquid.
  • Awesome nutty taste. 
  • Good buzz.
  • I always thought the bottle was somewhat boring, but who cares?

Verdict: classic pilsner.

Grade: A

For more info check out this fan page:!/pages/Budweiser-Budvar/105742432791671

Also check out this ad:


Hoegaarden (4.5%): White Beer from Belgium. Probably the most popular white brew in the world.

  • Pours a very cloudy liquid.
  • Delicious acid flavor with hints of lemon and dry fruits.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Refreshing.
  • Classic bottle.

Verdict: a true classic.

Grade: A

Check out this fan page:


ORVAL (6.2%) : Trappist Ale Beer from Belgium. I was attracted by the beautiful bottle.

  •  Pours a fairly dark liquid.
  • Tastes awful, bitter with no distinct flavor.
  • Awesome bottle, okay we got that.

If you like carbonated gasoline, this is for you.

Grade : D+

Check out this fan page on the Orval Abbey:


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