Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Carrefour Premium Lager (4.7%): This a pale lager from France. Carrefour is a huge international hypermarket chain from France, so obviously I get to go there from time to time. I was looking at a few Belgian beers, then I hit the "cheap" section. I saw this 24 oz can selling for 45 euro cents and decided to try it. This is a generic product made for the chain, therefore I was expecting the worst. Verdict? It was good!

  • The flavor was fairly bitter with a hint of iron (think Scandinavian beer-water). 
  • The aftertaste was the opposite : quite sweet (but not too much).
  • Despite the low alcohol content, it gave me a good buzz (without a headache). 
  • A pleasant surprise, which proves beer marketing can be deceiving.

Grade: A-

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