Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Carrefour Prestige (5.5%): This is a pale lager from Germany. It's brewed by Karlsberg Brauerei, a brewery based in Homburg, Germany for the international hypermarket chain Carrefour.

Final Notes:
  • Delicious bitter sweet flavor
  • Highly drinkable
  • It was cheap (80 Euro cents for a 24 oz can)
  • Gave me a good buzz !

Props to Carrefour for selecting the right partners.

Grade: A


  1. Get some use outa those check marks son! lol.

  2. LOL ! I meant to ask you do you do this ?

  3. Pretty handy once you get used to it.
    I was thinking about making a special CSS rule for when we grade each beer too so you can do the same thing with maybe a H2 tag or something like that. Ill mess with it a little later and see what I can do.