Friday, May 7, 2010

Fat Weasel Ale

Stienhaus Brewing Co. Fat Weasel Ale (7.1%): Dont let the wack yet humorous label fool you, this beer is better then it looks. This ale is crafted in Paso Robles, CA. from the same brewery as the Mission St. line which was a surprise to me, and after knowing that Id definitely say that the Mission St. stuff is much better. Thats not to say this beer isnt worth the ducats but its certainly not a mind blowing ale either. Really, the only thing that makes this beer attractive to me is the high percentage since it certainly lacks a good dose of flavorful hops.

Final Notes:
  • Good summer beer
  • Good for a quick buzz
  • Alcohol taste lingers in finish
  • Could use more hops
  • Def NOT my first choice for a higher content beer

Grade: C