Friday, May 7, 2010

Mission St. Blonde Ale

Stienhaus Brewing Co. Mission St. Blonde Ale (4.4%): This is probably my least favorite from the Mission St. beers. Its just too light for my taste. I prefer to have at least a little reassurance that theres some tasty hops in there and this beer doesn't pull through very well in that regard. Not much else to say, just an average beer.

Final Notes:
  • Light beer
  • Drinkable but nothing special
  • Could def use a heavier dose of hops
  • Average - to low percentile

Grade: C+


  1. maybe a decent summer beer?

  2. Well IMO, any light beer is typically good for the summer but it seems that everyones opinion of "light" is a little different, mine included. I used to think a beer like this was just right, nowadays however I seem to crave a heftier dose of hops even in a light beer for it to satisfy me, and thats not exactly what the Blonde successfully comes through with.