Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mission St. IPA

Mission St. IPA (6.1%): This is my newest favorite IPA next to probably Sierra Nevada's Torpedo (which I should prob drop some notes on very stay tuned for that). This ale comes from Paso Robles, CA. and it definitely lives up to its cities reputation for giving birth to amazing wines and top-notch brew. What I personally really find nice about this IPA is its unique hops flavoring....when the beer first touches your pallet you get notes of berry, but not to the extent where it feels like your drinking fruit-loops and beer (like some poorly crafted beers tend to do). The finish also doesn't linger in a negative way making this IPA stand out as a very drinkable, yet full-bodied beer.

Final Notes:
  • Good percentile to still make it worth your while
  • Really nice choice of hops
  • Full-bodied and very drinkable
  • Made in small batches

Grade: A


  1. makes me want to try it asap

  2. haha, well im a good salesman, but it is pretty dam good if your a lover of IPA styled lagers!