Friday, May 7, 2010

Mission St. Pale Ale

Stienhaus Brewing Co. Mission St. Pale Ale (4.6%): Yep, another one from Mission St...I gotta say though, the Pale is a massive improvement in comparison to their Blonde Ale. The hops and yeast flavors are very similar to their IPA but with a slightly more crisp refreshing finish. Even though this beer lacks in percentage, i still would buy this again since its flavor is so good. This beer has a great balance of alcohol to hops/yeast/spices.

Final Notes:
  • Nice finish
  • Choice of hops is similar to their IPA
  • Not too light, not too heavy - good balance
  • Average percentile
  • Would buy again

Grade: A


  1. sounds like a good all around beer

  2. Yeah, this ones great. Real good body, not too filling.