Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Olde English 800 - 40 oz. (8.0%)

OE is a classic malt liquor. Years ago this was my preferred 40, until I moved and OE was no longer accessible to me (stupid QC). Anyway, last week I went on a trip to Canada's capital and lo and behold what did I find at the local Beer Store? Yup, good 'ol O-muthafuckin-E!!!

You know I had to pick some up, so I grabbed two of those dogs, waited for my hard on to expire, then I jumped in the ride and headed back home. And if this chick was at my place that day, there would have been hot 40 sex all over the place:

I had one of the 40's already, and it didn't disappoint. Let's face it - malt liquor is not a finesse beer, something you have with a nice meal or anything like that, but it's good for just getting wasted and/or with a bag of Doritos, watching the game. After all, isn't that what guys do? Yes, it's a guy thing.

Over the years I've sampled different brews and I'm now so used to enjoying a nice lager with a meal, so when I cracked open the OE, at first I didn't like the taste. It took me a few minutes to get used to it, then all the memories came back and I started to enjoy it. I'm a big guy and yet this 40 kicked my fuckin ass up and down, left and right. I wasn't totaled beyond belief, but I was feeling really, really, GOOD. Basically, if you had of showed up at my door at that moment, I would have given you a high-five.

So there you have it. OE is the shit. The king of 40's. Fawtys. If you want to have a 'guy' brew, then grab one asap.

  • Taste takes a bit to get used to.
  • Smooth taste for a 40.
  • Will kick your ass if you're not ready.
  • Good with Doritos and sports.

Grade: A


  1. Fucking funny first post Fade. Well done.

  2. Thanks Fade! I added the 8.0% cuz I had already reviewed the regular 5.9% (and I know you had the strong one)... and yea OE is classic you can't go wrong with that.

  3. Ya I forgot to mention it was 8%. I need to start reviewing more!

  4. no prob man , when I was in MTL I was looking for the Canadian variant but couldn't find sh$t... then I realized they had very strict alcohol laws in QC (additional taxes on non-Quebec Canadian brews).

  5. do you know where can I buy this beer online? PLease

  6. @ dirty kickx: malt liquor (and 40's especially)are rarely sold online. Are you based in the US? If so: OE is still sold in many inner-city liquor stores, eventhough the demand is not as strong as it used to be.

  7. I want to marry this girl; big ass tits, and she drinks OE? Shit, thats love!!

  8. I want to drink that off of her tits....