Tuesday, May 25, 2010

S. Hemisphere Harvest

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest (6.7%): OK, So I believe this has become my favorite new installment from Sierra Nevada. Sadly, its only available in 32oz bottles and only for a limited time. This stuff has a perfect balance of hops to alcohol. Its full-bodied yet extremely refreshing with a slight citrus taste in the finish thanks to the tasty hops that they contract from New Zealand (the southern hemisphere). Their Spring is at opposite times as ours so Sierra Nevada is afforded the opportunity to get some amazing tasting hops from across the globe shipped directly to the brewery within days of harvest so that all of the important oils from the hops can still be injected into this tasty brew. I really wish they would bottle this in sixers year round, amazingly good.

Final Notes:
  • Great percentile
  • Really tasty choice of hops
  • Finish is similar to Blue Moon containing familiar citrus notes, but this beer is far superior
  • After 32oz's you will be a happy customer

Grade: A+


  1. Good god its good too....I want this on tap in my house.