Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Steel Reserve (6.0-8.1%): This is a malt liquor from the US. Have you noticed everytime I review a bad beer I compare it to Steel Reserve? Well here's the review :

  • The name says it all: it tastes like steel, rusty steel that is.
  • Will give you a BAD BAD headache.
  • People might call you a bum if they see you drinking this.
  • The Bottle is mad nice, but who cares?

There are many Belgian (or even US/Canadian) strong beers with that alcohol content that are 100 times better. Avoid at all cost.

p.s: there's a diluted version with 6% APV (for a few markets where the sale of malt liquor is highly regulated), but I only tried the original with 8.1%.

Grade: F

For more info you can check this fan page:

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