Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is a special Football World Cup beer case I recently acquired comprised of bottles from: Argentina,Denmark,Portugal,Spain,France,Japan,Italy and Germany. Reviews coming soon, stay tuned.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Miller High Life (5%): an adjunct lager from the US. Miller calls this product 'the champagne of beer'! Quite a bold statement.

  • Champagne my %ss! Boring malty taste. Horrible bum beer aftertaste.
  • Without the great marketing which often targeted the working-class, Miller probably wouldn't have sold much of this crap.

Boring Stuff, they should rename this "Miller Low Life"


For more info, you can check this page dedicated to the brand:

Also check out this cool commercial:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is kinda silly: I poured beer in those cool vodka glasses I recently acquired.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Olde English HG 800 (8%): a malt liquor from the US. This is a High Gravity (Malt liquor lingo for extra strong) version of the classic OE previously reviewed.

  • Harsh bitter flavor, completely different from the original OE.
  • The futuristic label sucks, guess they were trying to please the wankstas who were into the High Gravity gimmick back then.

Stick to the original Olde English.


Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Readers,

I've just added new labels that specify the beer type for each review. Thought it might be easier for yall to browse the blog. It was quite tough because as you know, beer categories aren't that clear and can overlap (for example most malt liquors are really strong lagers). Anyways I did my best. ENJOY!


Stella Artois (5% and 5.2%): this is a pale lager from Belgium. A very popular beer in Belgium and abroad (I've heard countless American yuppies ordering a "Stélla", trying to sound as French as possible).

  • Bitter hoppy taste, boring.
  • just like Heineken, gives me a headache most of the time

There are definitely better options than this.


For more info you can check this fan site:

Also check out this awesome TV commercial:

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dear Readers,

Here's why you should all move to France: Hoegaarden 12 pack X 2 = 10 EUR (sales tax included).

Thursday, June 17, 2010


ST IDES (8.2%): a malt liquor from the US. St Ides is mostly known for its brilliant Marketing in the 90's. Olde English had been the Malt liquor of choice in the Hip Hop community and some competitors wanted to change that. Enters the Saint Ides brewing company with a great idea: use superstar rappers to promote the brand. Ice Cube (whose "It will make your jimmy thicker, get your girl in the mood quicker, St Ides Malt liquor" line became infamous), Snoop, Dr Dre, Wu Tang all appeared in commercials for the brand. But what about the brew itself?

  • oh my, carbonated gasoline, that's what it is lol.
  • Nice logo/bottle.
  • Might have given you street cred in the 90's , .... not so much now.

Unless you're a Hip Hop bum that's stuck in the early-mid 90's, stay away from this.


Check out this ST IDES girl:

and this dope commercial featuring the Wu Tang:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Atlas (7.2%): a strong pale ale from the Netherlands. Now Brewed by Stella Artois, it shows an ancient Greek athlete lifting planet earth (ain't that Malt liquor like?). There are also 8.5%, 12% abv versions.

  • Your typical bum beer, very metallic taste.
  • The can looks cool (the 12% version's even better).

Definitely below average, not worth it.


They have a fan club for the 12% version on facebook if you're interested:!/group.php?gid=278657576396&v=wall&ref=ts

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


KING COBRA (6.0%): a malt liquor from the US. In the Malt Liquor universe you always need strong symbols (guns, Indian rebels, tropical islands, etc ....) The King Cobra is one most dangerous snakes on the planet, the perfect macho reference. So ... is this brew lethal? or perhaps poisonous?

  • Malty metallic taste, obviously not a good thing.
  • Bum Beer aftertaste.
  • Premium Malt liquor? Now that's a good oxymoron.

Hm, it might not be poisonous, just not worth it.


Check out this cool 1985 commercial:

Monday, June 14, 2010


COLT 45 (6.1% and 8%): a malt liquor from the US. This one is legendary. It has been endorsed by actor Billy Dee Williams; there was also a mint-flavored version, but that (obviously) didn't sell well. It was often criticized by neo-puritans for its aggressive Marketing campaigns aimed at young Black men living in the inner-city and the gun reference. ABV is 6.1% in the US and 8.0% in Canada because Canucks need extra strong brews during the winter to warm up a bit.

  • Standard malty taste, unpleasant bum beer aftertaste
  • You can't deny the bottle looks so classic
  • Good for your street cred?

I always thought this was overrated, OE's much much better.


Here's a cool fan site :

And a commercial featuring Billy Dee Williams:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Koenigsbier Extra Sterk Bier

Koenigsbier Extra Sterk Bier (8.0%): a strong lager from Germany. This is the strong version of the legendary cheap beer previously reviewed.

  • Very Malty taste, very similar to American malt liquor.
  • Gave me a mega buzz, actually I passed out for 30 minutes or so.
  • The can's really nice.

It's a no-nonsense strong euro lager, fairly easy to drink considering the ABV. You can def try it, just be careful lol.


Oh by the way Koenigsbier has a fun fan page on Facebook:

Koenigsbier Facebook Page

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei

Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei (0.4%): this is a low alcohol beer from Germany. Some people just can't stand alcohol, well beer Marketeers,including Erdinger's, thought about them with "non alcohol" beer.

  • surprising full body with hints of dry fruits
  • lacks carbonation
  • technically is alcoholic with 0.4% abv

Obviously it's not perfect, however the taste for a "NA" is very decent. You can definitely try this if you're curious.


Foster's Lager

Foster's Lager (5%): this is a lager from Australia. Foster's is sold around the world and arguably the most famous Australian beer. That being said, is it worth it?

  • Where is the malt?
  • Is it water or beer?
  • Zero buzz.

Another case of watery beer. Answer: Not worth it.


Check out this cool TV commercial (didn't know Australians were French haters, but who isn't? lol):

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Duvel (8.5%): this is a strong pale ale from Belgium. This is often referred as classic. So is it really deserving?

  • the foam is funny, looks like whipped cream
  • slight bitter sweet taste, I was expecting more
  • gave me a good buzz

OVERRATED! .... still quite decent tho.


Check out this TV ad:

and fan page:

Monday, June 7, 2010


Chimay Red (7%): this is a dubbel beer from Belgium. This is the last Chimay beer I had to review, and all I can say is : WOW! Possibly the best brew I've ever tried.

  • superb spicy taste with hints of curry, caramel and raisins
  • gave me an intense buzz, I feel so happy right now :)
  • very drinkable

Scourmont Abbey : thank you for this masterpiece!


You can check out this fan page:


Mariestads Export (5.3%): this is a lager from Sweden. Another beer from Scandinavia, is it worth it?

  • very ....filtered taste , even-though it's above 5% abv it tastes like water hm ... light beer
  • almost no buzz

If you like water, Evian's a better choice



Carlsberg Premium Beer (5%): this is a lager from Denmark. Since I'm half Scandinavian and that Carlsberg is famous for developing modern beer (hm you know bottom fermented aka lagers), I had to review this.

  • I can detect a slight seltzer and hops flavor but it's very slight
  • well big surprise: gave me the best buzz in weeks

Hm not a bad beer, just too filtered.


Check out this TV commercial:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Eichhof Orange

Eichhof Orange (2.4%): this is an orange-guarana beer mixed drink from Switzerland. You may have read my review of Eichhof Lemon, which was a big disappointment, well I'm pleasantly surprised with the orange variant.

  • tastes like alcoholic Fanta, which I think is awesome.
  • will wake you up (the Guarana I guess) and give you a slight buzz (really a weird feeling)

The taste is very solid, decent mixed drink.



Koenigsbier (4.5%); this is an adjunct lager from Germany. Koenigsbier is legendary in France for being an extremely cheap brew. Originally a Kronenbourg product (France's biggest brewery) but now brewed by German brewery Karlsberg for hypermarket chain Carrefour.

  • taste is not bad with a hint anise and caramel
  • highly drinkable
  • refreshing
  • really not that bad for the price (30 euro cents for a 16 oz can).

Not bad for the price, would be better with more malt and less maize (the adjunct in this case, ... wait what about the German purity law?).

Grade: B

You can check this fan page on Facebook:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Original Ittinger Klosterbräu

Original Ittinger Klosterbräu (5.6%): this is an amber beer from Switzerland.

  • awesome refined hoppy taste with a slight hint of plumb
  • highly drinkable

Awesome beer. A true gem, snatch this if you can.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eichhof Barbara

Eichhof Barbara (6.5%): this is a strong German style Pilsener from Switzerland. A fairly strong brew from our Swiss friends Eichhof.

  • Nice taste that's both malty and hoppy.
  • Color is kinda cloudy.
  • Will give you a good buzz.

My favorite Eichhof beer so far, highly recommended.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


3 Brasseurs Red(6.2%): this is an Amber beer from Northern France. A stronger, darker brew from French restaurant/microbrewery chain Les 3 Brasseurs.

  • Nice nutty bitter sweet taste.
  • High drinkability.
  • Will give you a good buzz.

My favorite 3 brasseurs brew so far.


For more info you can check out : (France)

or (Canada)