Monday, June 14, 2010


COLT 45 (6.1% and 8%): a malt liquor from the US. This one is legendary. It has been endorsed by actor Billy Dee Williams; there was also a mint-flavored version, but that (obviously) didn't sell well. It was often criticized by neo-puritans for its aggressive Marketing campaigns aimed at young Black men living in the inner-city and the gun reference. ABV is 6.1% in the US and 8.0% in Canada because Canucks need extra strong brews during the winter to warm up a bit.

  • Standard malty taste, unpleasant bum beer aftertaste
  • You can't deny the bottle looks so classic
  • Good for your street cred?

I always thought this was overrated, OE's much much better.


Here's a cool fan site :

And a commercial featuring Billy Dee Williams:


  1. haha, i remember that commercial. lol.
    Crackin me up with the Colt45 review.

  2. Colt 45 sucks. I never liked the taste of this beer, it's almost as bad as St. Ides.

  3. @ Shon : unethical or not , their Ad campaigns were really cool ...

    @ Fade: St Ides = carbonated gasoline lol

  4. Yeah dude, their commercials were hilarious. I highly doubt well see something like that again on public television though. lol.