Thursday, June 17, 2010


ST IDES (8.2%): a malt liquor from the US. St Ides is mostly known for its brilliant Marketing in the 90's. Olde English had been the Malt liquor of choice in the Hip Hop community and some competitors wanted to change that. Enters the Saint Ides brewing company with a great idea: use superstar rappers to promote the brand. Ice Cube (whose "It will make your jimmy thicker, get your girl in the mood quicker, St Ides Malt liquor" line became infamous), Snoop, Dr Dre, Wu Tang all appeared in commercials for the brand. But what about the brew itself?

  • oh my, carbonated gasoline, that's what it is lol.
  • Nice logo/bottle.
  • Might have given you street cred in the 90's , .... not so much now.

Unless you're a Hip Hop bum that's stuck in the early-mid 90's, stay away from this.


Check out this ST IDES girl:

and this dope commercial featuring the Wu Tang:


  1. True, this beer is not that good but it was so popular back in the 90's cause of the marketing, I remember buying a case of 12 40's with my friends, I got so messed up that weekend! But it tastes like harsh ass juice.

  2. they also had fruit-flavored and mint variants , but never seen those...

  3. Snoop with a fruity

  4. That video is actually wrong on so many levels, but its still dope cuz its got the Wu in it! lol...See thats how they get u! haha

  5. Raekwon: "The object' is to stay sober" ... that was mad deep ^^