Thursday, July 8, 2010


Bitburger Premium Pils (4.8%): a Pilsner lager from Germany. Germany doesn't have a mega beer brand like Heineken or Budweiser but most agree the country produces some of the finest brews on earth. The lack of brand recognition can be explained by the fact that Germans tend to favor local breweries (hence very few beers are distributed nationwide). One exception is Bitburger, a traditional Pilsner lager which is available across the country and abroad.

  • Awesome bitter sweet flavor with hints of peach and curry (uncharacteristically spicy for a lager).
  • Good buzz despite the fairly low ABV.
  • The Bottle/Label is kinda plain?

This is how a lager beer should be be. Classic.


For more info you can check this fan page:!/pages/Bitburger-brewery/109565552395990

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