Thursday, July 22, 2010


Smirnoff Ice (5%): a beer mixed drink from the UK. Smirnoff originated in Russia in the 1860's but it is now part of the UK-based Diageo group, the world's largest beer, wine and spirits company. Smirnoff Ice is often referred as an "alcopop", an informal term for a sweet beer mixed drink mostly consumed by teenagers. Those so-called alcopops became quite popular on the UK club scene and later on conquered the world. Smirnoff Ice contains fermented malt and a tiny bit of Smirnoff 21 vodka (except in the US, where the alcohol part is malt/adjuncts as the sale of distilled alcohol is highly regulated). There are many variants (fruit flavors mostly) but here I'm reviewing the original, 5% ABV. ABV varies from one country to another (in Canada a 7% version is also available).

  • Pleasant lime flavor with a slight hint of iron.
  • Not too sweet for a beer mixed drink.
  • Moderate buzz.

One of the best beer mixed drink on the market. A good alternative to conventional beer.

Grade: B+

For more info you can check this fan page:!/pages/Smirnoff-Ice/106616269374714

Also check out this funny commercial:


  1. How much vodka can you taste? Cause I hate vodka but I wanna try this stuff.

  2. Nah you can't really feel it, however I'm not sure if the ones they sell in QC supermarkets have vodka in it. Isn't SAQ the only outlet that's allowed to sell distilled alcohol?

  3. Dude, u guys need to funk with some Kettle One son! Smirnoff is doodoo if u ask me :(

  4. The "Vodka" in Smirnoff Ice is really just a Marketing gimmick, as far as real vodka goes, you can't beat Belvedere, Grey Goose and those other premiums. Funk Absolut and Smirnoff !

  5. Grey goose <3

    I've been drinking Ciroc since circa 2003, before the whole Diddy thing...I used to drink it with Sobe Adrenaline Rush (an energy drink, like Red Bull) for $4 USD. Used to get a 1.75L of it for $35 it's more expensive than Grey Goose.....WTF is happening with this world?