Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jumping Cow Amber Ale

Jumping Cow Amber Ale (5.4%): Steinhaus Brewing Co. Delivers yet another tasty beverage from the same family of beers as the Mission St. Ale's & Lagers...I actually got one of these in my bag by accident when the cashier was bagging my Mission St. IPA, I guess the labels look very similar. At first I was pissed cuz that Mission St is the goods, but then I popped her open after a nice freezer my surprise this beer wasnt half bad!?...Afterwards, I realized that its brewed by the same company as Mission St. so go figure. It seems like they make great beer all around. Im actually not the biggest fan of Amber's but this particular Ale was just right.

Final Thoughts:
  • A little more bitter then normal for a Amber Ale
  • Decent percentage
  • Refreshing
  • No funky aftertaste
  • Would buy again

Grade: B+

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