Saturday, March 19, 2011

Molson Export Ale

Molson Export Ale (5%): a pale ale from Canada. This is one of the best-known beers from Canada.

  • Pours a pale transparent golden liquid.
  • Smells slightly fruity.
  • Very clean dry taste with a slight hint of grapes.
  • Aftertaste is quite grainy, reminds me of unsweetened cornflakes.
  • Slight buzz.
  • Cool can, feeling the no-nonsense design.

Verdict: an unspectacular yet solid ale.


Want more info? Check this fan page:!/molsonexport

Also don't forget to check out this (funny) commercial:


  1. This one looks like aftershave in a can, lol. looks too much like old spice..haha....hopefully dont taste that way tho!?

  2. Was thinking the same thing LOL , ya it's quite decent.