Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale (4.7%): a brown ale from the UK. Newcastle is a well-known specialty brand owned by Dutch giant Heineken. However, the brews are still produced in England. Newcastle Brown Ale has achieved somewhat of a cult status in the US (I can't recall going to a supermarket in Boston and NOT seeing the bottles/cans with the famous star).

  • Pours a ... medium/dark amber liquid, I wouldn't call that 'brown' at all.
  • Smells fruity, kind of grape-like.
  • Flavor is really thin for a darker brew. I detect some grapes, a tiny bit of anise ... and not much else!
  • Aftertaste is a bit metallic.
  • Good buzz, especially considering the low ABV.
  • Of course the can is classic.

Not a bad brew, just too watery.


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