Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Labatt 50

Labatt 50 (5%): a pale ale from Canada. Labatt 50 is quite legendary in Canada. The name refers to the 50 year partnership (back in 1950) between John and Hugh Labatt, grandsons of founder John K. Labatt. It was the highest selling beer in Canuck country until 1979 (damn lagers! just kidding).

  • Pours a basic gold liquid.
  • Smells slightly fruity (apricots).
  • Flavor is quite smooth with hints of apricots and citrus.
  • The aftertaste is slightly bitter (think of bitter oranges).
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Can is a tad boring? 

Verdict: a very solid ale. Pleasant surprise.


Don't forget to check out this old school TV commercial:

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