Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Labatt Porter

Labatt Porter (5%): a Porter from Canada. Hey beer lovers, wanna know the difference between Porters and Stouts? Well it's pretty much the same thing. Porters use crystal malts given them a slight caramel flavor while Stouts tend to be dryer. Back to our topic: I was browsing the local supermarket for brews (you know one of my favorite activities) and found this very elegant old school bottle saying Labatt Porter.

  • Pours a jet black liquid. 
  • Smells definitely like dark chocolate.
  • Flavor is kind of thin for the style. Hints of caramel, dark chocolate.
  • Aftertaste reminds me of milk-chocolate and medium roast coffee.
  • Fairly weak buzz.
  • That bottle/label = pure elegance.

Verdict: I liked it despite the relative thinness.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Alexander Keith's Dark Ale

Alexander Keith's Dark Ale (4.1%): a dark ale from Canada. Once in a while I like to try darker ales, you know me: I'm all for diversity!

  • Pours a dark brown liquid a la Coke, generous brown foam.
  • Smells somewhat like anise.
  • Nice intense dark chocolate flavor.
  • The aftertaste is buttery, biscuit-like like with hints of coffee.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • I like the Alexander Keith's logo on that black can.

Verdict: very solid dark ale. Recommended.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lindemans Cassis

Lindemans Cassis (4%): a lambic beer from Belgium. This is a blackcurrant-flavored lambic (beer with spontaneous yeasts). I tried Lindemans Faro last year and it SUCKED! So why did I buy this? Well basically my girl is a blackcurrant lover and as you can imagine she "forced" me to buy.

  • Pours a purple liquid. Looks like red wine sort of.
  • Smells like some earthy wine.
  • Flavor has hints of blackcurrant but is quite reminiscent of sour red grapes.
  • Aftertaste is ... quite vinegar-like.
  • Weak buzz but hey it's 4%.
  • Funny bottle ... is that vinegar? 

Verdict: the flavor is alright but the aftertaste .... yuck!


Friday, May 27, 2011

UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen

UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen (5.1%): a white ale from the US. This is a raspberry-flavored white beer from the Harpoon brewery. After trying UFO White (I was fairly disappointed), I HAD to give another chance to this line of beers.

  • Pours an orange-pinkish liquid.
  • Smells like .... rasperry!
  • Tastes like ... raspberry syrup.
  • Aftertaste is sweet, sugar-like.
  • Good Buzz.
  • Classy bottle

Not a bad brew, just not complex enough ... again I'm disappointed.


Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam Beer (4.9%): a steam beer from the US. During the American old west, because of extreme temperatures, it was pretty much impossible to make lager beer (which requires cool temperatures) so "cowboy brewers" had an idea: using lager yeasts at warmer ale temperatures. Today this particular style is commonly referred as California Common or steam beer, Anchor being the most popular brand.

  • Pours a nice light amber liquid.
  • Smell is caramel-like. 
  • Flavor is quite malty with hints of caramel.I detect seltzers too.
  • Aftertaste is earthy.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Cool bottle.

Verdict: a solid brew.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UFO White

UFO White (4.8%): a white ale from the US. I was vacationing in Boston and couldn't resist trying beers. UFO White is produced by the venerable Harpoon Brewery (which is based in Massachusetts).

  • Pours a nice troubled orangy liquid.
  • Smells like orange.
  • Flavors is definitely orange-like (was to be expected).
  • Aftertaste is sweet, slightly malty ... feels like soda sort of.
  • Weak buzz.
  • Nice bottle.

Verdict: flavor is not bad but lacks complexity. It's a bit like an alcoholic version of Fanta.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Molson M

Molson M (4.9%): an adjunct lager from Canada. Molson M is the first "Micro-carbonated" lager in the world. Oh man, beer marketeers are so uninspired these days.

  • Pours a medium yellow liquid.
  • Smells slightly fruity (apricots!!).
  • Flavor is fruity with hints of apricots, citrus and peach.
  • Aftertaste is citrus-like.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Classy bottle/label.

Verdict: a solid lager.


Don't forget to check out this TV commercial:

Blonde de Chambly

Blonde de Chambly (5%): a farmhouse ale from Canada. Unibroue is well-known for its strong ales, but the brewery also produces beers with more modest ABV's such as the seasonal 'Blonde de Chambly' (yup there are blond girls on the label !).

  • Pours a nice yellow troubled liquid.
  • Smells like wheat and citrus.
  • As expected, flavor is quite citrus-like, fairly acid.
  • Aftertaste is slightly spicey, curry-like with earthy undertones.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Fairly nice chicks on the bottle.

Verdict: a nice brew.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleeman Silver Creek Lager

Sleeman Silver Creek Lager (5%): an adjunct lager from Canada. I had this at a bar in Montreal.

  • Pours a transparent golden liquid.
  • Smells nothing.
  • Tastes like your standard cheap lager: thin with minimal bitterness.
  • Aftertaste is slightly metallic.
  • Gave me a slight headache. Bad buzz.

Verdict: mediocre.