Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blonde de Chambly

Blonde de Chambly (5%): a farmhouse ale from Canada. Unibroue is well-known for its strong ales, but the brewery also produces beers with more modest ABV's such as the seasonal 'Blonde de Chambly' (yup there are blond girls on the label !).

  • Pours a nice yellow troubled liquid.
  • Smells like wheat and citrus.
  • As expected, flavor is quite citrus-like, fairly acid.
  • Aftertaste is slightly spicey, curry-like with earthy undertones.
  • Good buzz for ABV.
  • Fairly nice chicks on the bottle.

Verdict: a nice brew.



  1. Picked up a bottle of this yesterday after reading your review. Looking forward to having it tonight!

  2. I guess you won't be disappointed ^^

  3. I had a bottle of it last last night. Very good, goes down real smooth and has a nice flavour. Would definitely buy it again. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. No prob! Glad you liked it.