Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Labatt Porter

Labatt Porter (5%): a Porter from Canada. Hey beer lovers, wanna know the difference between Porters and Stouts? Well it's pretty much the same thing. Porters use crystal malts given them a slight caramel flavor while Stouts tend to be dryer. Back to our topic: I was browsing the local supermarket for brews (you know one of my favorite activities) and found this very elegant old school bottle saying Labatt Porter.

  • Pours a jet black liquid. 
  • Smells definitely like dark chocolate.
  • Flavor is kind of thin for the style. Hints of caramel, dark chocolate.
  • Aftertaste reminds me of milk-chocolate and medium roast coffee.
  • Fairly weak buzz.
  • That bottle/label = pure elegance.

Verdict: I liked it despite the relative thinness.


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