Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corne Du Diable

Corne Du Diable (6.5%): a strong IPA from Canada. Another ale from the Montreal brewery Dieu du ciel. According to the brewer, this is a modern interpretation of the IPA style. Whatever that means.

  • Pours a nice orangy liquid.
  • Smells like a mango!
  • Taste is caramel-like with hints of citrus.
  • Aftertaste is ... guess what ... mango-like! There are also notes of apricot. Exquisite!
  • Good Buzz.
  • Great label. I like that evil character.

Verdict: this is hardly an IPA. But who cares? It really reminds me of strong fruity Belgian ales. Delicious!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rosée D'hibiscus

Rosée D'hibiscus (5.9%): a white ale from Canada. The Dieu du Ciel Brewery from Montreal is known for its orginal brews. Rosée D'hibiscus is no exception. While most wheat beers are flavored with citrus, this one uses hibiscus, a highly aromatic flower.

  • Pours a nice troubled rose liquid.
  • Nice floral aroma: rose, Violette.
  • Taste is sweet, very similar to the smell.
  • Aftertaste is more acid. You can definitely feel the citrus.
  • Good buzz.
  • Very nice label.

Verdict: original beer yet very solid. Highly recommended.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

18th Mondial De La Biere Montreal 2011 Review

So I went to the Mondial De La Biere (International Beer Fair) in Montreal which took place June 8-12. The atmosphere was just crazy! The Place Bonaventure exhibition halls were packed with drunk French Canadians who clearly came to have a good time. Anyways, I was a bit disappointed with the exhibitors (way too many industrial breweries with fancy booths .... I mean who cares about Heineken, Molson and Labatt at a beer fair?). Still there were quite a few small and medium-sized Quebec breweries with interesting products. I was particularly impressed by 'Dieu du Ciel' and its funky coffee stout and hibiscus wheat ale.
All in all it was a good event.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Le Cheval Blanc Blanche

Le Cheval Blanc Blanche (5%): a white ale from Canada. From the makers of the excellent Coup de Grisou, here's the Le Cheval Blanc Blanche: a Quebec witbier.

  • Pours a beautiful troubled pale liquid.
  • Smells slightly lemon-like.
  • Awesome acid taste with hints of seltzers and wheat.
  • The aftertaste is smooth and fairly sweet. Honey and citrus comes to mind.
  • Smooth buzz.
  • As far as the bottle goes ... I've never been a big fan of horses!

Verdict: an excellent choice if you're into white beer.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rickard's Dark

Rickard's Dark (4.8%): a porter from Canada. Let me see, I tried Rickard's Red and White, now it's time for the darker ... you've guessed it: Rickard's Dark. This porter is brewed with maple syrup? Why? To make it more Canadian?

  • Pours a dark brown Coca-Cola-like liquid.
  • Smells nothing.
  • Flavor is thin, especially for the style: some maltiness and caramel.
  • Aftertaste is light as well. It's slightly sweet, caramel-like.
  • Weak buzz.
  • Boring bottle.

Verdict: a thin inoffensive brew. Won't kill you but quite bland.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Éphémère Apple

Éphémère Apple (5.5%): a fruit beer from Canada. Quebec's Unibroue offers a line of seasonal fruit beers called Éphémère (Ephemeral: literally lasting only one day). I tried the apple variant since ... I like apples?

  • Pours a slightly troubled golden liquid.
  • Smells like apple.
  • Flavor is dry, almost smoky. I really didn't expect that.
  • Aftertaste is fruity (guess what: hints of green apples. And honey/cinnamon).
  • Good buzz. I feel happy now.
  • Nice bottle. Apples and fairies ...

Verdict: a pleasant surprise.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

La Chouffe

La Chouffe (8%): a strong pale ale from Belgium. This is a well-known strong ale from the Mecca of Beer aka Belgium.

  • Pours a clear pale golden liquid.
  • Has a slight cinnamon smell.
  • Flavor is quite complex: pepper, cinnamon, citrus, apple.
  • Aftertaste is rather fruity: sour apples come to mind.
  • Buzz is fairly mild for ABV.
  • Cool bottle. Garden gnomes!!! lol

Verdict: very solid brew ... the peppery taste isn't for everyone though (not the easiest beer to drink).