Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barbãr Bok

Barbãr Bok (8%): a strong dark ale from Belgium. This is a strong dark ale flavored with honey.

  • Pours a nice dark brown liquid.
  • Awesome floral aroma! Reminds me of Jasmin and Violette.
  • Taste is sugary and caramel like. There's a weird chemical feel to it.
  • Aftertaste is slightly earthy. 
  • Weak buzz for ABV.
  • Bottle is nice, love the fonts on the label.

Verdict: despite the very nice aroma, I cannot recommend this brew. The artificial flavor is a big turn off. Below average.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rickard's Blonde

Rickard's Blonde (5%): a lager from Canada. Rickard's Blonde is a new addition to the brewery owned by Molson. According to Molson, this is a classic pilsner lager.

  • Pours a light golden liquid.
  • Smells nothing.
  • Taste is thin, I detect a tiny bit of nuttiness.
  • Aftertaste is ... weird, kind of onion-like.
  • Okay buzz.
  • The golden can is fairly nice, really shinny. 

Verdict: too thin and weird aftertaste ... but won't kill you. Not worth it.