Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Molson Canadian 67 Sublime

Molson Canadian 67 Sublime(3%): a light lager from Canada. Molson ,like most large breweries, is jealous of Corona's success so it feels the need to offer light lagers flavored with lime/lemon. 67 stands for 67 calories.

  • Pours a very light golden liquid.
  • Citrus smell, not shocking.
  • Taste is faint with notes of artificial lemon juice.
  • Aftertaste is also very chemical-like ... it's hard to describe.
  • Surprisingly gives a slight buzz and no headache.
  • The bottle is alright I suppose.

Verdict: that brew won't kill you but you'll wish you invested in a pack of Bud Light Lime or Corona instead.


Don't forget to check out this commercial:

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