Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carling Black Label

Carling Black Label (5%): an adjunct lager from Canada. Carling is well-known brand within the English-speaking world. The brewery traces its roots to London, Ontario and is now part of the Molson Coors empire. Black label is without a doubt the brand's flagship product.

  • Pours a pale blond liquid.
  • Aroma is somewhat nutty.
  • Thin flavor with slights hints of peach.
  • You definitely feel the adjuncts in the aftertaste (corn and rice mostly).
  • Buzz is okay.
  • The elegant label/bottle is a piece of art.

Verdict: an inoffensive lager. Is it worth it? probably not ... but it won't kill you.


Don't forget to check out this classic commercial:

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