Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Midnight Sun Espresso Stout

Midnight Sun Espresso Stout (6.1%): a strong stout from Canada. So this stout's from .... Yukon, Canada! It's flavored with ground coffee.

  • Pours a dark brown liquid (hey it's a stout!).
  • Smells like artificial coffee... cream included!
  • Taste is bitter, smokey and fairly metallic overall.
  • Aftertaste is sweet, somewhat white-wine like! 
  • Gave me a slight headache. But yea I got a mega buzz out of this.
  • At least the label ROCKS! You gotta love the bird with the coffee bean in his mouth.

Verdict: it's an interesting concept (stout + coffee has been done before though) BUT err... this isn't a very good beer to say the least.


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