Saturday, November 12, 2011

Molson Dry Cold Shots 6.5

Molson Dry Cold Shots 6.5 (6.5%): a malt liquor from Canada.  Because youngsters love Redbull and other energy drinks, Canadian giant Molson had the "great idea" of selling Molson Dry 6.5 in tiny 250 ml (8 oz) cans.Wow how silly is this? But I must admit the can is cute.

  • Pours a pale golden liquid.
  • Smells like grain (rice).
  • As expected taste is metallic.
  • Aftertaste is sweet with hints of rice and molasses. 
  • Good buzz.
  • Like I said previously: can looks pretty good.

Verdict: Average brew (but amazing marketing?).


The can by itself

The can next to 12 oz beer bottle

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