Thursday, December 29, 2011

Les 3 Brasseurs Bière de Noël

Les 3 Brasseurs Bière de Noël (7.2%): a strong amber ale from Canada. This is a seasonal brew available around Christmas time at Canadian locations of the French pub chain "Les 3 Brasseurs".

  • Pours a medium amber liquid.
  • Has a strong grape aroma.
  • Surprisingly: flavor is very thin. It's basically like drinking water. hum hum ...
  • Aftertaste has a slight touch of honey-like sweetness.
  • Weak buzz.
  • At least I got a cool beermat out of this! (see below). 

Verdict: this was quite disappointing. It won't kill you but I can't recommend this (way too thin, especially for the style).

Grade: C-

A cool beermat provided with this beer

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